Reasons To Use Hanging Signs For Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows are some of the best places to promote your company, showcase your products and even get new potential customers. However, these exhibitions tend to be crowded with competing businesses. Your booth in the trade show might be well executed, with an eye-catching space once people get closer, but if you are not making it visible from a distance, chances are you are losing out on customers. Standing out in the crowded halls is vital, but not many companies think about this.

Well, one of the best ways to make the most out of your space in a trade show, including vertical space, while in the same time being an effective addition to your booth is a hanging sign. Hanging signs are a great way to increase traffic, raise brand awareness and make the booth easy to locate.

That being said, here are several reasons to consider hanging signs:

They Act Like a Beacon

When in an exhibit, regardless of how glamorous your booth is, at the end of the day, it is just another booth in a hall. Visitors or rather potential customers require a way to find you relatively easy. An eye-catching and beautiful hanging sign acts as a beacon. When people see the sign above your both, they can find you without any hurdle.

They Are Cost-effective

Hanging signs for trade shows are cost-effective. Since they hang above the booth, they are less vulnerable to damages during the event. This makes the average lifespan of such a sign quite long. Textile signs ideally have the advantage of the ability to be machine washed due to their sublimation printing. This way, you can keep the cost low and have an appealing booth.

Raise Brand Awareness

Hanging signs ideally help your company get noticed at trade shows. They present an opportunity to raise brand awareness with an appealing sign, that’s strategically placed above the booth, conveying your message. You can achieve this using energy efficient LED lighting. Also, the hanging sign can have graphics both inside and outside, attracting even more people and raising awareness. You can find outstanding textile signs with sublimation prints in distinct and eye-catching shapes that give you maximum visibility in a crowded trade show.

Easy to Install, Transfer & Store

Hanging signs are probably the easiest branding items to transport to and from exhibitions and trade shows. Mammothimaging offers hanging signs that have a light-weight aluminium structure, with just a few parts. The result is a quick and straightforward setup of the hanging sign. You can pack it and store it between trade shows. You can store it in a storage case, which gives you more return on your investment and reduces the logistic costs of any trade show you attend.

Hanging signs are without a doubt appealing, highly visible and less expensive compared to their counterparts. Consider the difference that a hanging sign can make to your exhibition or trade show display and get all the benefits that they have to offer. Get a consultation with mammothimaging today and start on the right path to building more brand awareness and attracting more potential customers.

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